Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hello Everyone!! (I'm baaaack!)

Let me start out by saying: Yes. I am still around. I'm so sad that I haven't been posting AT ALL in the last month. My mini-hiatus turned out to be a full sized break, didn't it? There are reasons for this, of course. I'll talk about a few of them, just so you know, but if you don't want to read a whole long, rambling post, I don't blame you, and you should just know that I'll be starting back up posting again--maybe not quite every day, but far more than this past empty month!

Anyway, as you know, my bad blogging habits started with some internet outages, and my family's move, which meant no internet at our house at all. There were also some bad cases of writer's block when it came to reviews, and a feeling of a lack of time in general, or maybe just laziness where I decided I'd rather read books than write reviews of them.

Now school has started up. Here's a little fun fact for you guys: Ever since halfway through second grade, I've been homeschooled. My family has moved every couple of years my whole life, and it became easier to homeschool me and my siblings than have us switch schools all the time. This year, however, my junior year (11th grade), I decided that I wanted to go to public school (cue the shocked gasps).

See, I've wanted to go for a while. Homeschooling definitely has its good points, but it is sorely lacking in social interaction with kids other than my siblings--and if you have siblings, you know that as much as you can possibly love them, sometimes you just want to punch them have other friends.

Which brings us to now, with the days of early mornings and homework-filled afternoons. But, I think I'll be able to overcome that and make the time to keep up my blog. I know I will, because this blog--and YOU GUYS--make me so incredibly happy and excited and are just so much fun! 

For the record, I'm making no promises that I'll be posting six-or-seven times a week like I used to be able to. To start off, I'm going to be shooting for at least...let's say three posts a week, and two of them reviews. If I have more, great. If I have less...well, I'll have less! Just so you guys know, I do have a couple of review requests queued up, some great books by some great authors, so keep an eye out for those requests! (And to those authors, thank you so much for your patience in waiting for these reviews to be up! I appreciate it so much :D)

Anyway, to finish up, I just want to say how much I love you all, and can't wait to start chatting and hanging out with you again!!!

(Also, is it just me, or does the second part of that title sound kind of creepy? I seriously wasn't trying to sound like some demonic crazy with an evil grin trying to steal your soul. At all.)




    I missed you so much, hon! I kept looking at your blog on my sidebar, wondering when I'd see a new post up. And now here it is!

    How's public school going for you? Lol, trust me, I'm less on the love and more on the punch - and it's vice versa. (Yes, I know, we're all evil. :P)

    Lol, it did sound kind of creepy. But demonic or not, it's great to have you back! As long as you know you won't be stealing my soul any time soon. ;P Cannot wait to see what you have lined up! Welcome back, Mags! :) <3

    1. AAAAAND, I've failed again! But I'm working on it ;)

      Public school's actually going pretty good. It's different, of course, but not bad :)


      I mean...........yeah..........not demonic at all. :D

      And thank you! I've missed you :)


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