Thursday, April 11, 2013


Hey guys! So, more than likely you've figured this out (it's probably been pretty clear from the ridiculous lack of posting in...months) but I've decided to take a hiatus from Geek Chic Books.

While I loved--love--writing reviews, and talking about books, and participating in this awesome community, it began to feel like a major source of stress to be committed to posting however many times a week, and to feel guilty whenever I wanted to read a personal book over a review request, and I decided (as you may recall) to take a step back.

The step back went further than I intended. I've gotten really out of the habit of all the things I did for this blog and picked up new interests and activities (goodbye homeschooling, hello, public school--aka homework!) and this blog fell to the side of my life.

I fully intend to pick up book blogging again, hopefully soon. (Perhaps this summer?) I really hope that you guys are still hanging around when I get back :)

Thank you so much for your understanding, and happy reading!

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