Friday, May 18, 2012


Hey guys! As I've mentioned before, I'm so super excited to be part of the WINTERHAVEN WARRIORS, the street team for Kristi Cook's awesome book Haven and the sequel, Mirage!

Why am I excited? Because Haven ROCKED, and I know Mirage will, too!

Imagine a school full of kids who have above-average powers. Kids who can read minds, move objects without touching them, feel other people's emotions. Welcome to Winterhaven, a school for psychic kids--And Violet McKenna's new school.

Some of the best things about Haven:

-Psychic powers. These suckers are awesome, so a whole school full of them? Super. Awesome.
-Violet. She's an amazing heroine, and fun to read about.
-Cece, Kate, and Violet's other friends. They're the kind of friends you love to read about and wish you could meet yourself!
-Violet's visions. Trying to piece together what's going to happen after seeing what Violet sees is probably impossible...but impossible to resist.
-Mystery. Something is up with a...certain student at Winterhaven, and Violet is determined to find out WHAT IT IS. What is it? Read and find out for yourself!
-Aidan Gray. Saved one of the VERY BEST for last. AIDAN. Hot. Mysterious. Dangerous? There's something off about him, yet at the same time, Vi can't seem to resist "The Aidan Effect."

Some of the things to most look forward to in Mirage:

-A lot more of everything above! Especially Aidan--AIDAN!
-New characters
-New mystery
-New dangers
-An awesome, AWESOME story!

So really, you guys, if you haven't read Haven yet, go do so IMMEDIATELY! And then you'll want to go straight out and preorder Mirage--so do so!!



  1. I can't wait for Mirage either! It's gonna be AWESOME. Winterhaven was amazing....and hahaha yes, NEED. MORE. AIDEN! I'm a new follower btw :)

    I currently have a giveaway running on my blog if you'd like to check it out HERE

    Confessions of a Readaholic

    1. Thanks for the follow!! And that's an awesome giveaway, thanks for sharing :)


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