Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Beautiful Blogger Award

The super-awesome Bailey over at Novel Nerd has nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger award! Thank you soooo much, Bailey, you ROCK!

Once you get nominated for this award there are a few things you have to do such as Write 7 Facts About Yourself, Link up the blog of the person who nominated you,and Link 7 bloggers you think deserve the award & let them know they were nominated.

So here we go!


  1. I love music. My favorite bands are We Are The In Crowd and Artist vs Poet. I could listen to their music all day! I kinda do.
  2. I'm working on writing a book! Granted, I've tried (and failed) numerous times, but I've got good vibes from this one ;)
  3. I love animals! My family has two dogs and a cat. And my brother has a fish.
  4. My birthday is next week!
  5. I don't watch much TV, but my top three shows are Psych, Parks and Recreation, and New Girl. I'm still catching up on all those via Netflix and Hulu, though, so NO SPOILERS!!
  6. I'd love to work in the book industry, as many of us seem to. Obviously as an author, but maybe as an editor!
  7. I can kinda sorta play guitar. The other day I figured out how to play Never Be What You Want by We Are The In Crowd, which pleased me.




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