Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Some stuff you should know about

Hi everybody! So, this is just a huge round-up post of all kinds of stuff that I think you should know about!

FIRST OFF: The YA Sisterhood 2nd Annual Crush Tourney! Nominations are UP, peeps! And you should go nominate your favorite guys. It's getting down to it, and we've got the top 24 (at the moment) and some guys who have a chance to make it up there, but I wouldn't suggest nominating any guys who aren't on either list, because I'm not seeing a huge chance for them to make it in. (I'm still a bit depressed that Uriah from Divergent isn't on there. Am I the only one who nominated him??)

Obviously you should nominate the guys YOU want (remember you only have ten picks, and no repeats--failure to follow the rules=deleted nominations), but I do have a few suggestions!

The SHADEboys. Because they're awesome! Zachary's in the running so far, but things can change in a second so keep nominating him! Logan's a little low down on the list, and not in the top 24, so if you want him in you need to NOMINATE!!

Next up, I'd suggest Tod from Soul Screamers! TOD IS NOT IN THE TOP 24. I DO NOT KNOW HOW THIS INJUSTICE COULD POSSIBLY HAPPEN. It's Tod, you guys. TOD. He must get in.

In my opinion, Archer from Hex Hall and Cricket from Lola and the Boy Next Door deserve a shot, too!


Jeri Smith-Ready (author of the SHADE trilogy) has set up a little sign-up sheet on her blog for people who want to help launch the SHADEboys to victory! And it's gonna be pretty awesome and super fun. Plus, just for signing up, you get a signed bookplate. Which rocks. (And btw, if you tell her I sent you, I get bonus bookplate. Just sayin'.) Anyway, JOIN TEAM KILT!!


I'd like you all to check out a new blog by an author who's just starting out! I was able to beta-read his first book, and I can tell you that it's REALLY GOOD! He's started blogging to chronicle his journey in author-ness, so check it out!

Okay! That's it for now!

NOTE: Just realized that today is the very LAST day for nominations for the YA Crush Tourney. Props to you people who are still up reading this, GO NOMINATE! (Or possibly you're in a different timezone. Whatever.) Anyway, hurry and nominate before it closes!!


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