Friday, January 20, 2012

Novels 'n' Notes #1: Falling In by Lifehouse

Ok, so, today I'd like to try out a new segment here on Geek Chic called Novels 'n' Notes. Basically what I'd like to do is showcase a song that reminds me of a book, usually two characters' relationship in a book.

For the first NN, I've chosen one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands, because it makes me think of one of my favorite parings in one of my favorite books. :)

*Warning--teeny tiny spoilers ahead for Soul Screamers. I'm trying really hard to keep it clear. Then again, the pairing itself is kinda spoilery.*

Falling In by Lifehouse: Tod and Kaylee from the Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent
There's a lot of things about this song that makes me think of Taylee around My Soul To Steal/If I Die time. When I listen to the lyrics, it sounds, to me, like Tod talking to Kaylee. I can find a connection from almost every line in the whole song, but I'll just highlight a couple:

-"This heart that I've followed has left me so hollow, that was then, this is now, yeah you have changed everything." 

When Tod made the choices he made--the rather spoilery ones we find out about in Reaper and If I Die--he gave up being alive and human, and it took its toll on him, made it harder for him to feel things. But when he meets Kaylee, that all changes.

-"Won't be easy, have my doubts, too, but it's over, without you I'm just lost, incomplete."

They both know that being together would be hard (for various, rather obvious reasons), but it would be harder not to be. 

-"All those nights I stayed awake, thinking of all the ways to make you mine."

I think this one goes without saying...:)

Anyway, if you stayed with me on my rambling, thanks. If not, I can't say I blame you. Either way, if you love Taylee, check out Falling In below and keep Kaylee and Tod in mind as you do.

Please note that I do not own this song, the lyrics, or anything related to Lifehouse or Falling In. I also did not post this video, nor am I affiliated with "DazzleMeForevr", who did. *Insert other legal stuff here.*

I hope you enjoyed the first edition of Novels 'n' Notes. I don't have a set schedule for these yet, so they could pop up at any moment. 

So, let me know: Does this song make you think of Tod and Kaylee? What other songs make you think of books? Sound off in the comments! Also, feel free to make your own Novels 'n' Notes posts (with the logo above) and link them here! I'd love to check them out!

Also, special thanks to CJ for his help with the NN logo!


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