Monday, January 16, 2012

Soul Screamers Reading Challenge

To start off my blogging career with a bang, I'm participating in the Soul Screamers Reading Challenge being held by one of my favorite blogs, Fiktshun

The idea of the Challenge is to read--or reread, as in my case--the entire Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent to date, between January 15th and June 14th of 2012, so you'd be done just in time for the late June release of Before I Wake, the sixth book in the series (not including the e-novellas).

And here's the schedule:

January 15-February 14: My Soul To Take
February 15-March 14: My Soul To Save
March 15-April 14: My Soul To Keep
April 15-May 14: My Soul To Steal
May 14-June 14: If I Die

I gotta say...I'm super excited. I was actually expecting to  explode with anticipation while waiting for BIW. Hopefully, rereading the entire series will help keep that from happening. Because exploding would kind of be a bummer.

To add to the excitement, Fiktshun is also offering some awesome incentives for participants, like the chance to win various Rachel Vincent books (including a preorder of Before I Wake!), Amazon and Barnes and Noble gift cards, t-shirts, and more! And all the participants have to do is read or reread the books (one a month) and review them on their blog or some other place on the web, then post links to the reviews over at Fiktshun, on the proper post for the month.

Plus, you can get extra credit for reading and posting about any of the three e-novellas (Reaper, My Soul To Lose and Never To Sleep) at any time during the challenge.

And there you have it. For more details, check out the posts about it here and here. Good luck, and have fun, because really, whether or not you win the prizes, you'll still get to (re)read these AWESOME books.


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