Monday, July 23, 2012

Archer in the Crush Tourney--recap and Hex Hall winner

So, you all know about the YA Sisterhood's Crush Tournament, and if you've been hanging around this blog lately you know I was lucky enough to be the advocate of Archer Cross from Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins. Unfortunately, Archer didn't win his match, but I'm so proud of all of Team Archer!!

Archer was the underdog from the beginning--he went up against Dimitri from the Vampire Academy series, and we all know how fantastic he is, and how big his fanbase is. But Team Archer didn't back down--we got plenty of votes!

Archer reaching 1000 votes--but we weren't done then!
I'm not sure exactly how  many votes Archer had in the end (if anyone knows or has a close guess, let me know!) but I know it was an impressive amount!! But the thing I found most impressive was how steady Team Archer held. Dimitri picked up the lead fast, but he didn't keep smashing us down. For the majority of the day Archer held steady at 28% of the votes, never dropping below that. And then, right in the last few hours, we bumped him up to 30%. And I think that's awesome.

So, I'd like to say thank you to each and every one of you who voted and spread the word about Archer. You all were awesome, tweeting and getting your family and friends to vote. I'd love to mention each and every one of you personally, but there's just so many of you!

That said, @tnmedicgirl, @heyitswinnie,_@jill_kaplan, @YA_Books4Girls, you guys were especially awesome with the tweeting!! You guys rock!! Thanks also to @jsmithready, @keeley_logan and @NonReluctant for the shoutouts :D

And of course, a thank-you has to go out to Rachel Hawkins, because without her, there wouldn't be an Archer, and to the YA Sisterhood, because without them there wouldn't be a Tourney! Also, congratulations to Dimitri, Stacey, his advocate, and Richelle Mead, his author :)

And now, as promised, it's time to pick the winner for a Kindle copy of Hex Hall! Thank you so much to everyone who entered. I'd love to give each of you a copy, but unfortunately, I cannot :)

And the winner is...

Jen K!

I've sent the winner an email, so please respond within 48 hours, or I'll have to pick another winner.

Thanks again, everyone, for helping Archer and making Week of Archer and our part of the Tournament so much fun!!


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