Friday, July 13, 2012

Week of Archer: DAY 1 (+Giveaway!!)

Hey there, and welcome to WEEK OF ARCHER, celebrating the awesome that is Archer Cross, of the Hex Hall series!!

If you're not sure what Week of Archer is, check out info HERE or HERE!

Keep checking back for the week leading up to Archer's Crush Tourney match for all kinds of fun Archer-related stuff, and OH YEAH, a GIVEAWAY!!

Anything you do to spread the word about Archer in the Tournament will get you entries to win a Kindle copy of Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins!! The giveaway will be open all week, up through Archer's match day. That means you have ALL WEEK to spread the word about Archer, share your fun Archer-related stuff, and stuff like that!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

As you can see, there's an option to get entries by voting for Archer, so as you can probably assume, any entries posted for voting for Archer BEFORE voting opens will be deleted. 

But you CAN get lots of awesome entries by Tweeting about Archer, Facebooking about Archer, blogging about him, spreading the word some other way...etc, etc. Plus, if you send in Archer fanart, things that remind you of Archer, or something like that, you get HUUUUGE amounts of entries, because I'd absolutely love to see what you think/what you've made. 

I'll be accepting submissions all week, but the sooner you get them in, the better! Please send submissions to 

Anyway, the most important thing is to HAVE FUN and CELEBRATE ARCHER, so let's do it!!



  1. My favorite thing about Archer is his charming smile, I bet when I sees his smile, I'll smile like an idiot just like what Sophie did and I'll melt. ahahaha

    1. Hahaha! Yeah, he's got a killer smile :) I think we'd all be a pile of goo!

  2. I like how Archer isn't perfect, but he means well and overall he is good. Also, the whole good sense of humor is a definite plus. I can't wait to vote for him!

    1. Oh, definitely! I completely agree!

      And yay! Go Archer!!

  3. I haven't read Hex Hall, but from your arguments he sounds great :D

  4. Speading the word Mag!! Also, I desperately need to read this book now!


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