Monday, July 16, 2012

Week of Archer: DAY 4

Woohoo! Welcome to Day 4 of Week of Archer, celebrating the awesome Archer Cross from Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins. Our goal is to spread the word about Archer and his match in the Crush Tourney (July 20th!) and HAVE FUN!!

Are you enjoying all the awesome Archer stuff this week? It's not too late to add to it! Submit anything related to Archer or reminding you of Archer to! I'd love to see it!

"What I imagined Archer would look like." 

-Submitted by Rachel G.

Submitted by

     "Mercer that day in the cellar..." He searched my face, and I could sense him struggling for what he wanted to say. Then finally, "I didn't kiss you back because I had to. I kissed you because I wanted to." His eyes dropped to my lips, and it was like the whole world had shrunk to just me and him and the shaft of light between us. "I still want to."

-Demonglass, Page 281

Submitted by Mimi

An awesome fanmade Hex Hall video! (submitted by Anon)

Thanks for all your submissions, guys, and keep them coming!!

Also, don't forget to enter a GIVEAWAY to win a Kindle copy of Hex Hall! It's open internationally and you can earn up to 82 entries by spreading the word about Archer and the Tourney, so check it out!!

Happy Week of Archer, guys!!



  1. i always wondered what a good sophie/archer couple name would be, like katniss and peeta are either katpee or peeniss (Both sound gross, i know)
    idk. maybe Archie or Sophcer

    1. Lol! That's a good point. I like Archie :)


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