Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'm alive! With Internet!!

Hey guys!! I know my presence around the net has been minimal lately, because, as I said before, I just moved and had NO INTERNET. This was very saddening for me, because it meant I couldn't post much or talk to you guys nearly as much as I like to. I was able to get to some wifi hotspots in town a couple times, but not enough to post regularly.

My intention for today was to go to one of those places and announce a mini-hiatus until I got internet back up, and only post sporadically until then. But the good news is, we found a fix for our internet problems, and I'm now back online!! Which means I should be able to pick back up on my posting! (I'm a bit behind on reviews, too, so if I can get past a slight case of writer's block and get those out, there should be a lot coming soon!)

And since I don't anticipate any more issues (fingers crossed) hopefully that means there'll be less of these boring posts telling you what's wrong with my internet and explaining why I'm NOT EVER AROUND and more fun bookish news, reviews, and discussions.

Thanks for sticking around you guys!! Looking forward to hanging with you again :)


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