Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bookish things of AWESOME

Hey everyone! I'm skipping Waiting on Wednesday this week, but I would like to share several pieces of bookish awesomeness with you!!


The City of Lost Souls book trailer has finally been released, and it is AMAZING. INCREDIBLE. UNBELIEVABLE. Check it out HERE!

I love the way that last line sounds. I know it isn't funny, but the way Sebastian says it makes me giggle every time. What do you think of the trailer?


Have you seen the excellent blog that is It's great! Basically, you can send a request to the blog's author, and she will draw a scene from Mortal Instruments or Infernal Devices (badly). SOME EXAMPLES:

And then, also some stuff that is not exactly canon :)

AWESOME SAUCE, AM I RIGHT?? Anyway, some of her stuff is spoilery, though, so be careful when checking out her site. But really. Check out her site. (all those images belong to Badly Drawn Mortal Devices!!)

Oh, and she also has another badlydrawn blog for Divergent! (that image belongs to badlydrawndivergenttrilogy!)


Another tumblr blog, except this one takes stills from the Hunger Games movie and adds quotes from Mean Girls. It is awesome.

Okay, I could share about a zillion more of those, but I'll stop now. The site, as is seen on all those pictures, is (those images belong to meangirlsofpanem)


Have you guys seen any of ice-ridden's drawings? ( She does AMAZING stuff, most of it fanart for some awesome books!!

Like this.

Fang by ice-ridden (Maximum Ride)
And this.

Demigod trio by ice-ridden (Annabeth, Luke, Thalia: from Percy Jackson)
But my absolute favorite stuff of hers is her Divergent drawings.

Ferris wheel by ice-ridden (Divergent)
Undress by ice-ridden (Divergent)
Again, I must make myself stop. But really, check out the rest of her stuff.

(those images belong to ice-ridden!)

So you may have noticed that lots of this is tumblr stuff. Yes, I do have a tumblr. It's just really lame. I only got one so I could follow people, but I did just learn how to reblog, and plan to use it to reblog bookish things that are awesome.

If you want to check it out, it's:

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed seeing all of this bookish delight! Oh, and if you'd like to go ahead and leave me your WoW links, I'd still love to see them :)


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